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PTSA Membership - SRV Teacher / Staff
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The San Ramon Valley High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) was chartered on April 13, 1944.  In 2019, we celebrate 75 years of service in the San Ramon Valley community.  SRVHS PTSA represents over 1,900 members and strive to support and speak on behalf of all children and youth in our school and in our community. We promote opportunities for parents to address the needs of high school students and we foster a positive partnership between parents, teachers, students and the community. 

San Ramon Valley High School PTSA Goals
  • facilitate communication and collaboration between home and school
  • support a welcoming and inclusive school community
  • encourage life-long learning and well-being for parents, students and staff
  • inform our parent community about legislation that benefits all children

  • Joining the PTSA does NOT obligate you to volunteer or attend PTSA meetings. 

Thank you for supporting your child, your school and your community!